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About Us


   We are a reseller of an international hosting company, so we offer most of the same products as the parent company, under the same conditions, but we add to this some service packages that you will not find in any hosting company, not only in Ukraine, but, apparently, and in the world. In particular, we offer a “turnkey product”, that is, a ready-made website (blog, or any other), or an online store, etc., already hosted on the host and fully ready for work, which you can either buy or rent, and if necessary, we take upon ourselves the administration of this site at the level you want, even if it is 100%, saving you from the hassle and need to study website design, web design, system and other administration, etc., or hire appropriate professionals and spend on their services. We save your time, effort, and money.

Reliable hardware, modern software, only in the best data centers. Our sites:

1) The Netherlands, Rotterdam. DC company SolidHost. DC medium size in which we rent the rack. Datacenter category TIER3, which guarantees full dual redundancy of power supplies and cooling.

2) USA, Georgia, Atlanta. DC companies COLO @. Big DC category TIER4. Guaranteed full dual redundancy of power supplies and cooling. He has a contract for monitoring according to the standard SAS-70 Type 2.

3) France, Strasbourg. DC DataDock, owned by PlusServer AG. Low cost data center for hosting dedicated servers in standard configuration. Due to standardized server configurations and VERY high energy efficiency, 1.2 PUE provides an affordable service of acceptable quality.

4) Ukraine, Kharkov. DC Bigline. Small DC channel provider, where we rent racks for our servers. We have batteries for uninterrupted power supply, 2 separate inputs of electricity, 1.5 Gbps of main and about 4 Gbps of backup channels to most of the major providers of Ukraine, direct channels to Russia (m9, ping to Moscow about 10 ms), 24-hour technical support and direct access to network and server hardware.